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This page has a list of commonly used photo seller plugin’s shortcodes.

The plugin creates the necessary pages and adds the required shortcode to that page when you install the plugin. So you shouldn’t need to manually use these shortcodes.

Embed a Particular Photo Gallery On a Page

1 is the photo gallery ID in this example.

Photo Seller Cart Shortcode

The following shortcode goes on the cart page:

Your shopping cart is empty. Please add some items to the shopping cart.

Continue Shopping

Display a Compact Cart

You can use the following shortcode to display a compact cart. This is very useful if you want to put it on the sidebar widget.

Cart Is Empty (0)

The compact cart will show how many items the user has in the cart. It will also link to the main cart page so the user can click on it to go to the cart page for checkout.

Display a Number of Latest Uploaded Photos

We have selected to show 20 last photos but you can configure it to show any number of photos.

Create a Photo Search Page

Enter the following shortcode on a page:

Shortcode for the Photo Details Page

The plugin creates a photo details page with the following shortcode when the plugin is installed. You should not delete that page (as the plugin uses it to display details of the photo):

This page is for displaying the details of a selected photo. Please click on a photo from one of the galleries to see the details.

Shortcode for the Gallery Home Page

The plugin creates a photo gallery page with the following shortcode when the plugin is installed. When you add new galleries, it is listed under this photo gallery page.

Group Albums Together

The following shortcode will show a collection of albums. In the following example, 2 and 3 are the album IDs

There are currently no albums available!

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